Wastewater sludge disposition

We deal with your wastewater sludge and digestate of biogas-processes.

At activated sludge plants we optimize especially the following processes: biological treatment, sludge thickener, sludge dewatering and utilization.

To find out more about optimization potentials, just slide your cursor over each processes in the picture:

With our products and services your waste sludge, anaerobic sludge and biogas-digestate

– is dehydrated effectively and cost-efficient,

– is stabilized and dryed (to granulat),

– obtaines a higher value as a fertilizer,

– may be stored with low costs and odor-emissions,

– may be applicated in an increased radius,

– is disposed directly by us.

We look forward to offer you an optimal technical solution – as service, rental or purchase of equipment. Also we can deal with your waste sludge completely – up to a final disposition in compliance with the current regulation.

For further information please visit kugler-dewatering.com or contact us (info@hydrO2-biotechnology.com).