Lagoons with the solutions from HydrO2 turn to be completely aerobic. Unpleasant odors and algea disappear within a short period of time, sludge layers decline. Ventilation becomes unnecessary or is converted to a low-energy technology. Costs for mechanical desludging decrease significantly.

Aquacultural lagoons become and remain cleaner – with a minimum of operation costs. Our technology is ideal for applications within biological aquacultures and in times of out-of-balance-harzard.

Mit HydrO2

Reduzieren Sie Energie-
und Betriebskosten

Vermeiden Sie
Geruchsemissionen und
Algenbildung und
verbessern die

Vermeiden Sie
Investitionen durch

Verringern Sie den
Klärschlammanfall und
können Klärschlamm zu
Wertstoffen veredeln