Aerator HydrO2 AE 200

The most efficient aerator on the market

Our unique HydrO2 turbine aerator is based upon the principles of centrifugal force and of “precession” as applied to rotating fluids. Its energy efficiency is up to three times higher than other self-aspirating aerators which are available on the market and there are no moving parts inside. The HydrO2 AE 200 creates extremely small air bubbles forming a cloud underwater, which supports the bacteria’s efficiency regarding oxygen uptake remarkably.

Our HYDRO2 aerators are available both as fixed installation and on pontoon floaters.

They are almost maintenance-free and are designed to run 24/7 in continuous operation mode.

The aerator is very easy to install on do-it-yourself basis. We will give you a handy guide and installation material so you can install it on your own. Of course, we are also happy to assist with installation on your premises.

he aerator is ideal to oxygenize:

  • Wastewater treatment plants and Pond treatment plants
  • Animal-waste lagoons / manure treatment
  • Odor control in sewage systems
  • Livestock Tanks
  • Ornamental ponds e.g. in parks
  • Fish ponds (industrial and domestic)
  • Golf ponds
  • Lake ways
  • Coves

The HYDRO2 AE 200 is available in different sizes and power settings. For further information and a demonstration of the aerator, please contact us!