Pond treatment plant before and after 35 days of HydrO2-Treatment
Energy-saving with the aerator HydrO2 AE200:
3x5 hp replace 40 hp (left) and the Oloid 400 I: 2x0,25 kW replace a 2,5 kW agitator (right).
Homogenization and significant reduction of (floating) sludge layers.
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We optimize your Pond Treatment Plant – Sustainable solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater!

Wastewater plants have to meet increasing demands of the stakeholders: cleaning wastewater effectively – without bad odors, using a minium of space and energy. Resources (such as  phosphate) shall be recycled, waste sludge shall be disposed environmentally complaint.

We help you to satisfy all those interests, have an easier job and save money!

What offers HydrO2?

We optimize emissions, discharge values and costs of wastewater treatment processes, using several proven low-energy technologies and procedures, which we combine individually for your plant and objectives.

With HydrO2 you will

Reduce your operation costs (for energy, sludge-disposal, etc.).

Eliminate odor and algae formation and achieve a higher purification performance.

Optimize your capacity uti lizati on and thus save additional investment.

Minimize sludge volume and increase its value.

Satisfy the expectations of employees, neighbours, customers, mayor, CEO and other stakeholders to their wastewater treatment plant.